About us

Fiaf is a business company established and operational since January 1st, 1982, resulting from the merger of a craft and a commercial undertakings. Over the years, Fiaf has increased its market position and gained overall appreciation for the wide range of coffins and accessories, supported by the company’s high reliability rate.


A wide range of coffins, regularly available in stock, ensures fast delivery and higher levels of satisfaction in our customers’ base. .


Coffins, screws, and funeral services accessories for funeral services operators.


Accurate checks are performed on all products, including special coffins in solid wood and basic models. 


Our production is certificated since 2011:
ISO 9001/2008
ISO 14001/2004


Our production site is located in Beverino, province of La Spezia, in a premise of 1,600 sm, where are also located our headquarters and administration office. Our stock inventory usually includes 2,000 - 2,500 coffins in a wide range of materials and models. 

From the best craftmanship to the most recent technology, including automatic equiment, among the best and most efficient on the market. A new and fully automated coating line equipped with a robot and a pressure blast cabinet for finishing application.